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Fund Data Repository

The Fund Data Repository provides flexible data management, analysis and reporting functionalities to support the Fund Data Management.

Majors functions covered :

  • Comprehensive fund data management;
  • Fund, portfolio & share multilevel structure;
  • Share classes opening process & workflow;
  • Transaction/holding/NAV repository;
  • Multi vision analysis and business data navigation;
  • Risk key figures, analytics, performances; and
  • Reconciliation / reporting.

Multilevel fund structure administration

The flexible data model allows for the definition of the complete fund structure (umbrella / fund or sub fund / share), which can be dynamically adjusted and completed to meet all of the clients’ expectations such as:

  • Marketing, sales and distribution data;
  • Investment objective and process data;
  • Legal data, prospectus, rules;
  • Valuation rules and accounting data; and
  • NAV, shares values, keys factors, etc.
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SmartCo DataHub provides a workflow engine to support a controlled and automated collaboration between the various data owners:

  • Fund opening process and maintenance;
  • Guidance through the required data entry steps;
  • Data control and consistency checks; and
  • 4eyes check and approval process.

Risk key figures, analytics, performances

The Fund Data Repository allows for the collection, storage and consolidation of all types of fund related data, including:

  • Basic data and key figures;
  • Portfolio structure (asset structure, holdings);
  • Performances / benchmarks;
  • Prices (current, historical, dividends, taxes, etc.); and
  • Fund assets, shares outstanding, in-/outflows, etc.

Multi vision analysis and reporting

Through the reporting module, SmartCo DataHub provides its clients with many customized solutions to address their different business lines and organization requirements’ requirements, such as:

  • An analysis environment giving the ability to find, display, group, aggregate, consolidate or compare any data;
  • A reporting environment providing the capacity to print in various formats, with easy data extraction and restitution capabilities;
  • Dashboards which allow users to create complex synthesis of data issued from multiple universes.

SmartCo provides fund management institutions with solutions to support their activities:

  • Executive management:
    • Dashboard for high level supervision of business lines activities;
    • Exploration tools with powerfull drill down capabilities.
  • Investment manager:
    • Portfolio analysis and position monitoring;
    • Risk factor analysis (equity, fixed income, currency);
    • Performance consolidation and reporting.
  • Risk managers:
    • Global exposure of a group of business entities;
    • Comparative analysis and risk concentration by geography, industry.
  • Operations and trade support:
    • End-of-day balance reports and cash management;
    • Reconciliation reporting and trading exception reports, etc.).
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