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Complete, easy and quick to implement, SmartCo DataHub is also the most flexible data management solution of the market.


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Customized Modules

The SmartPlanet data management platform for the financial industry can be used to manage any other reference data repository than the prepackaged Securities Master File and Business Entities Master File.

The list of repositories that can be created with SmartPlanet does not suffer any other constraint but the time and the effort required to create them. Below is a list of possible centralized repositories that could be created and managed with SmartPlanet.

Product Repository:

  • Funds description: centralization of all the legal, fiscal and sales information related to funds either managed or sold by a financial institution (eg: commissioning rules, compliance rules, list of customers, legal documentation, and financial composition)
  • Retail products: centralized repositories for all banking retail products such as account types, insurances, cards, consumer credit or professional leasing products
  • Non financial products repositories.


  • Centralized repositories of all transactions/positions between the entire STP channel, matching all data used by the FO/MO/BO applications so as to make sure there is no discrepancy (eg: discovering a FO transaction not integrated by the BO for technical reasons or mismatches in the positions calculated).

Catalogues/List Repository:

  • Ensuring, as an example, that all systems in an organization share the same agenda and bank holidays, the same classifications, the same translation terms, use the same indices with the same values, the same list of currencies and so on.

Human Resources Repository:

  • Consolidation of all employees data: main data, skills, curriculum, job position, salary, incentives & stock options, employees’ savings program, and authorizations.

And others…

The SmartCo DataHub software package already includes an important amount of configuration around some of these repositories (eg: funds, transactions & positions), thus allowing a faster implementation.

Please contact us for more information about the existing preconfigured functions we can propose.

SmartPlanet is a perfect platform to create and manage such customized repositories due to its very innovative technology:

  • Flexible data model: no constraint on the perimeter of data to cover
  • Flexible connectivity: upstream/downstream interfaces can be created by pure configuration at very competitive costs
  • Flexible data quality controls: they are all defined by simple clicks; complex controls can be created with the scripting engine inside the application
  • Flexible presentation: all screens are defined through parameters and a free selection of the data to display in the data dictionary
  • Flexible Workflow: SmartPlanet is adapted to any process and organization. The workflow is freely defined with no need for coding
  • Flexible Rules: even complex business rules and services can be created through the graphical user interface using the scripting engine.

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