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Complete, easy and quick to implement, SmartCo DataHub is also the most flexible data management solution of the market.


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Business Entities Management

The Business Entities module of SmartCo DataHub aims to centralize, consolidate in one single repository and distribute all the information about third parties entities, from counterparts and issuers to end customers.

Regarding the capital markets and trading activities, important entities are:

  • Issuers
  • Counterparties
  • Intermediaries
  • Custodians

Typically, the first benefit of the Business Entities Management module is the capacity it offers to recognize an entity at the same time as an issuer of stocks and bonds, as a counterparty for swaps and options, as part of a pool involved in a CDS, as the main shareholder of other entities themselves also counterparties or as part of different groups of risk and to centralize all relevant data in a single place. If this entity rating is decreasing, you can immediately estimate the direct and indirect risk impact on all your activities.

The main data managed can be classified as below:

  • Reference data & identifiers
    • Reference data (names, security type, currency)
    • Identifiers (internal, external)
  • Description and classification data
  • Roles, statuses, groups
    • Relationship with other entities
    • Relationship with risk groups
    • List of issued securities
  • Financial results
  • Analytics
  • Rating & risk
    • Rating
    • Scope & limits
    • Internal risk monitoring
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Regarding the retail or private banking activities, important entities are:

  • End customers
  • Vendors & Partners
  • Guarantors

As an example, SmartCo DataHub helps financial institutions make sure that they really know their customers. All systems (CRM/FO/MO/BO/Risk/Payment/Customer Reporting and others) should all have a single customer view, offering consistency in the name, address, phone number and list of products purchased, allowing for easy updates to be made an implemented effectively across all systems.

The Business Entities Management module also enjoys many specific features adding extra value to all our customers, such as a de-duping tool for ensuring entities data coherence or a graphical engine for navigating between the entities and their relationship and quickly analyzing the risk that links them all together.

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