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Complete, easy and quick to implement, SmartCo DataHub is also the most flexible data management solution of the market.


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SmartCo DataHub

Based on the SmartPlanet technology, SmartCo developed an innovative software solution dedicated to data management in the financial industry.

The SmartCo DataHub product corresponds to a set of functional modules answering the specific requirements of the financial institutions such as investment and retail banks, asset managers, brokers or custodians. Consolidation and centralization of a securities master file fed from different sources, improved management of the business entities (counterparties, issuers), creation of a unique customer master file, integration of all trades and positions in a unique repository for a better risk and compliance monitoring are only some of the issues that SmartCo DataHub can address.

Using SmartCo DataHub to create a fully new reference database takes much less time and cost than using standard markets solutions such as one middleware for extract and load functionalities, one middleware for data cleansing, one database development software for the data model creation and maintenance, one data warehouse application for storing, archiving and auditing, one business intelligence reporting application even for simple reports.

Defining the requirements and writing the specifications for a securities master file data model can easily take more than a year. Why would you reinvent the wheel?

The three main business reference data repositories that we propose to administrate with SmartCo DataHub are:

These modules are proposed with a pre-designed data model, existing pages, standard interfaces and standard reports that most of the time answer 95% of the bank requirements.

Thanks to the innovative platform used, other customized repositories can also be created for specific needs by simple configuration.

All these business modules enjoy a common set of data management features presented here.

SmartCo DataHub is also delivered with standard interfaces connecting it to the market data vendors presented below. This list is not exhaustive:

  • Avox
  • Bloomberg DataLicense
  • CounterpartyLink
  • Factset
  • Interactive Data
  • ISO-15022
  • Markit
  • Morning Star
  • Rimes
  • Six Telekurs Europerformance
  • Six Telekurs Finalim
  • Six Telekurs ValorData
  • Superderivatives
  • Thomson Reuters Datascope Select
  • Thomson Reuters DataStream
  • Thomson Reuters IBES
  • Thomson Reuters WorldScope
  • WM Daten
  • and other

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